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Umbau Coppa Italia:
Rechner für den höher verdichtenden Motor, polierte Mistral-Auspuffanlage, Umbau des Tachotriebes, klassische Instrumente, Braking Wave-Scheiben vorne,
Ghost-Gepäcksystem, Veränderung des Ansaugweges mit nun deutlich mehr Luftdurchsatz, Filtertausch auf Dauerfilter, Getriebeentlüftung über Schlauchweg in Bürzel verlegt, Feintunig des Rechners - derzeitiger
Durchschnittverbrauch 5,2 Liter Superbezin bei ordentlicher Leistungsabgabe

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LSL Umbau
LSL Lenkerböcke und LSL Lenker "LS1"

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The real Coppamans
by Emanuele Zotti

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by Anthony / Belgien

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V11 mit LM1-Verkleidung      

V11 Classic Racer
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V11 Nero Corsa
Däs-Umbau: Krümmeranlage mit Kat und hochgelegten BOS-Endtöpfen, Doppelzündung mit Brennraumbearbeitung, Luftfilter- und Rechner-optimierung. Shield-hugger Hinterradabdeckung, Heckumbau von Axel, 4x kleine Blinker. Instrumentenhalter, LiMa- und Anlasserabdeckung sowie Motorspoiler in Carbon. Guzzi Gepäck-system.

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N. Sleebus (Belgien)

This is a couple of pics of my V11 sport (`00), bought second hand en rebuild this spring
to an 70`s style enduranceracer and these are the results for now. Everything you see is homemade or rebuild to fit the bike. For starts : - fairing is an old Norton Seeley racing fairing (35 years old)
that is streched and made higher and larger to make the form
real thight to the bike and then cut out the cilinderheads .
* pulled in the upper side of the lowerhalf and tophalf of the fairing to get all
the drivewind on the heads ,also the innerside in front of the fairing
reformed for the wind.
* all the supportangles are stainless steel and homemade, sandblasted and clearcoated
* homepainted in metallic black with extra fineflakes in the clearcoating
(inside fairing in flat black to get a better outcome of the shining polished excaust system)
- Excaust system is stock untill the collector underneed and from there on rebuild for
the non stock Termignoni`s ,also with homemade brackets (supports) for an higher position
of the mufflers (in stainlesssteel , sandblasted ...).Everything highgloss polished... .
- Clip-ons replaced left to right and right to left and put upside-down to get a deeper
position in the fairing.(it sits more sporty also).
- Headlights are temporerly untill beter ones turn up (old Marschall or Cibie-likes or so).
- Backlight I `ve got from a good friend that has a lot of spareparts.
- Turnsignals on the backlight is from a local tuning shop ,in the front are not installed yet.
- Backrack is also homemade in st.steel and made to mount a bagrack for the travelling. With al these changes in to an oldstyle enduranceracer is the V11 made into a whole different bike and not
only for the looks (Full faired Guzzi) , but also to drive ,with the different position to the handlebars and without the drivewind on the legs and body (I`m 1.98m tall and it`s a beter position for me).

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V11 Cross

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